I am a Technology Consultant working with organisations in the Greater Manchester area offering mobile and web development, specialising in startup products or emerging projects within larger organisations.

I help teams who want to design, build and maintain highly innovative, resilient, high-traffic full-stack platforms at scale. I have technical expertise in many languages and platforms across a wide range of industry sectors.

  • JavaScript and ES6
  • React Native and iOS development
  • React, Redux and web development
  • Node.js and server development
  • Amazon Web Services, Docker and server orchestration

I have a proven track record in designing, implementing and deploying complex systems across web, telecoms and payments. I am hands-on in the execution of my client's ideas and in the leadership and cultivation of multi-discipline teams.

Keeping updated with new technologies

Today’s technology industry is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. The continual need to refresh my skill set, and the skills of the teams I help, has been a fundamental principle guiding the way in which I maintain knowledge and keep it current. I read technology blogs and books, evaluate new platforms in my spare time and seek out new developments from across the industry in order to find best-fit innovation opportunities for the benefit of my clients.


I am available for volunteering opportunities in the technology sector.